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Yasmar Cruz

New York City

Yasmar Cruz / Danzartes

The Power of Dance!

About Us

Dance Programs:

School Outreach

Danzartes provides dance workshops for children from K-12 grade. The programs are in the styles of Salsa, West-African and Hip Hop dance. Outreach programs run with the school calendar and are available during regular hours or after school.

Individual and Group Classes

Danzartes offers group and individual classes. The company trains students regardless of their dance level, form amateur to professional dancers. 

Dance Styles 

     Salsa         Cha cha     Rumba     West African

     Merengue       Tango      Bomba


* Dance Choreography for videos, recitals and events also available!

*New Afro-Caribbean Dance Community classes in Brooklyn

  Pay as you wish from $5-$15 

April 19 through June 14

Open to Children and Adults


Metropolitan Ave.

Forest Hills, Queens

New York 11415

(787) 948-2333