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Yasmar Cruz

New York City

Yasmar Cruz / Danzartes

The Power of Dance!

Dance & Culture!

Danzartes is a non profit arts organization dedicated to promote Puerto Rican and Afro-Caribbean dance folklore. The company was founded in 2005 by dancer and choreographer Yasmar Cruz. Danzartes Inc. has presented rich and contemporary repertoire of African rooted musical productions and dances in venues such as: Puerto Rican Festivals, University of Puerto Rico, and Florida International University, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn Music School, Lehman College and public schools within the New York City district. 

Danzartes is under the direction of Yasmar Cruz, who is also the director for Brooklyn Music School Cultural Division.

Danzartes is focused on providing high-quality dance and cultural programs to enrich communities through the Arts. 

We offer a variety of dances for you to choose from: Latin, Salsa, Rumba, African, Bellydance and Ballroom!

Danzartes is available for special occasions, corporate and community events.

 NEW BOOK RELEASE: "Rios de Sol" Sun Rivers

Rios de Sol is the first poetry book of artist Yasmar Cruz. The selection is divided in three parts Sunrise, Streams and Sunset.Each one of them representing a glimpse of the life of the artist between the island of Puerto Rico and New York City. The compilation includes topics such as struggle, love, passions and despair and how she constantly flows throughout all of these emotions without being carried away or torn apart. The sun plays the omnipresent god which always provides the every to battle up any circumstance and to lighten up the days.

Order on Amazon: 

Book Release event- Manhattan Spanish Center

NEW PLAY: The Mirror in NYC  

 The Mirror premier in NYC

This is a delicate play touches various women related themes including roles dictated by society and abortion. It has been accepted in multiple theater festivals and is being showcased for the first time in NY.

Past Productions: 

I Love Salsa, The Musical   

Premiere Day: May 25, 2012

Time: 10:30 am, 12:30pm, 7:00pm

Place: Brooklyn Music School Playhouse Theatre

      126 Saint Felix St. Brooklyn NY 11217

Info: (787) 948-2333

I Love Salsa takes us into a journey of rhythms including Rumba, Bomba, Boogaloo and Salsa as we discover the roots of this world acclaimed music and dance. 

Written & Choreographed by Yasmar Cruz   

Director/Ass. Choreographer Oscar Manuel